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End-to-end recruiting and staffing with one goal in mind—making our clients happy.

We help innovative technology companies hire the talent they need to succeed in a competitive landscape. With our full end-to-end recruiting solutions, we help recruit and retain world-class talent with our partners around the world. With our client-centric approach, we add a personal touch and ensure that we’re connecting the best engineers in the world with the companies that need them most.

What we do

End-to-End Solutions

We help companies find the right talent for their situation: whether temporary, contract-to-hire, or whatever custom solution you require, we’re prepared to build an end-to-end solution to help your recruiting efforts succeed.

Years of Industry Insights

Whether you’re a startup, emerging technology company, or a veteran business looking to transition into a modern, global-first business, we understand the complex demands software-first companies require, and help staff accordingly.

The Best Engineers

We vet every candidate we present to our clients with a unique, experience-based interview process, ensuring that they are subject matter experts in their field, and can immediately be a value-add to your teams.

Founded with Expertise

Freeman Labs was founded by developers. We know our stuff: whether front-end engineering, full-stack, or anything in-between. When it comes to our staffing, we recruit from a talent pool that we would be proud to hire for our own teams.

Built by Developers

With our niche focus on software development, we ensure that we’re working our clients to staff the best and brightest in their fields.

We vet every candidate that we present to our clients with extensive technical interviews, ensuring that they can hit the ground running on your teams and immediately help your business succeed.

And, with an eye towards culture fit, we hire engineers that we know can thrive in an increasingly distributed and rapidly changing industry.

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